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Events bring people together in unique and powerful ways.  A well-planned event can be remembered for many years.  Part of that planning includes the need for washroom facilities.  Whether you’re hosting the family reunion this year, getting married, or just having a bunch of friends over, renting a portable toilet makes one less thing for you to worry about.

With Call of the Wild, you can relax knowing that your event facilities are in good hands.  As a bonus, renting portable toilets prevents excessive water use, foot traffic through your home, and undue strain on your septic system and tile bed.

Our options for event restroom rentals are below:

Elite Comfort Station


1 Day Event – 50-150 people

Two self-contained restrooms

Ceramic pedal flush toilets and urinals

Full vanity

Interior lighting

Air conditioning

Luxury Comfort Station

1 Day Event – 50-250 people

Three self-contained restrooms

Ceramic pedal flush toilets and urinals

Full vanity

Interior and exterior lighting

Air conditioning

White Signature Model

Larger that the average portable restrooms, for guests that are dressed for the event – our White Signature Restrooms have lots of Room.


Flush Toilet and Urinal


Hand soap


Paper towel, toilet paper

Waste paper basket

LED sensor lighting

Size:  91″ x 47″ x 47″

Please visit our FAQs page to get an estimate of how many units you will need for your event.

Executive Comfort Station

1 Day Event, 50-120 People

Two self-contained restrooms

Ceramic pedal flush toilets and urinals

Full vanity

Porch & occupancy lighting

Air conditioning

Accessibility porches


Blue Signature Model (Large Sink & Flush)

Flush Toilet/Flapper

Optional Urinal


Hand Soap


Paper Towel, Toilet Paper

Waste Paper Basket

Size: 91″ x 47″ x47″


Delivery charges are on a “per rental” basis, dependent on location and delivery requirements. 

Budget friendly rental options available as per the construction rental models.

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