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Events are often the highlights of our lives. You remember the fun times, the good talks, the awkward moments, and the failed attempts. Along with these memories come thoughts of hectic planning, last minute details, and extensive clean up. However, there are a couple of events that stand out in your mind. The planning and clean up was much easier. Turns out the restroom rentals did make a big difference! Here are some insights to help you choose which event rental might be best suited to your needs.

The Basic Model

Perfect for both large and small events, this affordable option doesn’t discriminate. The toilet, urinal, mirror, and hand sanitizer are a welcoming sight. The bright coloring also helps ensure that your guests notice and are aware of the restroom’s location. Although there may be a lot of stigma around this type of unit, they can be surprisingly pleasant when well maintained.

The Deluxe Model

 This model is similar in size and color to the basic unit, but it is laid out quite differently. The flushing toilet and proper sink elevate the experience and your guest will enjoy the use of proper soap, paper towel and a mirror. Although this unit is enjoyable, it is important that it be used correctly. Before use, be sure to fill the toilet bowl with water. This will ensure that the waste is properly removed after use. Remember, the paper waste belongs in the waste basket in the corner, not the toilet!

Accessible Model

When planning an event, it is important that all your guests feel included. This wheelchair accessible model has all the features of the deluxe model, with additional space. The extra wide door fits all types of wheelchairs and includes a barrier-free door sill.  This unit simply needs to be put in place and it will provide ground level, roll in access to the restroom.

The Signature Model

Although size doesn’t always matter, in this instance, every inch counts. When compared to the basic model, the signature models are slightly larger. This added comfort enhances the other features, including the flushing toilet, sink, hand soap, paper towel, wastepaper basket and the mirror. This model comes in two different colors. The simple model is blue and yellow and includes an optional urinal. Please note that there are only a few of these models available.

White Model

 The look of these portable restrooms will enhance any event. Due to their color and affordability, they are also a favorite for weddings. The additional bonus to this model is that it includes lighting. The battery-operated LED lights create a cozy atmosphere for all evening events.  

 Check out our FAQ’s page for more information about how many units are needed for your event!

Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are a quick and simple way to elevate your guest’s comfort and esteem of the event. Despite the price tag, the aesthetics of these restrooms will astound and leave all users feeling cared for and important.

With these trailers, there are several different options. However, they all include flooring, ceramic finishes, vanities, lightening, and air conditioning. They also require access to hydro and take up between 15-30ft.

The main difference between the Elite and the Executive Comfort Station is the accessibility. The Executive Comfort Station includes a porch and handrails for the stairs. They both have two self-contained restrooms and can service up to 150 guests per single day event.

The Luxury Comfort Station has all the same amenities as the other trailers, but it has three self-contained restrooms. It can service up to 250 guests per single day event.

Check out our other blog posts for more information regarding our restroom trailer rentals.


No matter what the needs are for your event, the perfect restroom rentals are waiting! Feel free to contact our event coordinator for additional insights on choosing the proper event restrooms. These rentals will simplify your planning and clean up.

 Let us help you create an event that will stay in everyone’s memory and make them smile for years to come.

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