Keeping Your Septic System Healthy

Muskoka is a wonderful place to live. However, with its beauty and remote cottage locations, come septic systems. Septic systems play a huge part in your home, and it is important that they stay healthy and in good function. Things that you have never thought about may end up costing you. The following care tips may take some getting used to, but they will be worth the effort.

Why Does it Matter?

Septic systems are sensitive. If they are well cared for, their lifetime could exceed 20-30 years. This care will save you time, money, and a lot of worry. Anyone who has had to replace or repair parts of a septic system can tell you that it is an expensive ordeal. There are many issues that may arise warning you about your septic system’s health. These issues include, but are not limited to, sewage coming back through the plumbing, unpleasant smells outside and water pooling above the system. These issues generally arise when the system has been ignored or abused.

How to Care for Your Septic

Septic care is about preventative maintenance and habits. It has many simple components. They include being aware of what goes down the drain and the toilets and being careful with your water usage.

Think at the Sink

Your septic system depends on microorganisms decomposing and eliminating viruses and other harmful bacteria. Whatever goes down the drain enters the septic system. Oil, paints and even coffee grinds should be kept out of your sink. Chemicals will kill the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in your tank and make the whole system useless.

Toilets Aren’t Trash Cans

 Make sure you only flush the 3 P’s! Pee, Poop & Paper. Anything that is bulky or hard to break down could clog the pipes, fill the septic tank, and slow the system down. Do not flush wipes (even flushable ones), feminine hygiene products, paper towels, etc.… Even if these items make it through the plumbing and into the septic, doesn’t mean that there will be no issues. These items tend to rise to the top of the tank and are not as easily decomposed. As the system fills, they may be forced out into your drain field, where they are most likely to cause issues.

Be Water Wise

All the water you use goes into your septic system. Conservative water use improves the systems’ operation and keeps the drain field from being overloaded. Some simple things that will help include showering instead of taking baths and spreading out your loads of laundry. This will lessen the amount of water entering the system all at once and maintain the regular flow of the tank.

Maintaining Your System

It is good practice to pump your septic tank once every 3-5 years. When during that period depends on the usage and size of the tank. Even if the tank is being used seasonally, it is better to maintain this pump out schedule. If the tank is not pumped on a regular basis, the material begins to settle to the point where it is no longer removable. This will lessen the tank’s capacity and integrity.

Effluent Filter

 Unless you have an older system, these filters will be the last purification process before the wastewater reaches the drain field. They will often get clogged with salt from water softener products and other similar things. It is good practice to rinse these filters 2-3 times a year.

Drain Field Care

Your septic system also includes the drain field. This component is sensitive but in a different way. Be sure to keep vehicles off it, as the weight can easily damage the piping. Trees are best kept at a distance. Their roots can cause damage by growing into the system. Remember to keep rainwater drainage away from the field. The extra water will slow the affluent treatment.


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