Restroom Trailers – What to Consider

Restroom trailers are a wonderful step up from your regular portable toilet rental. Not only do they work well for many different events, but they can also be a good addition to large construction sites. Although they may seem daunting and complicated, our team has been dealing with trailers for many years. Based on our experience, here are a couple things to consider before renting a restroom trailer.



Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, these trailers have the feel of an indoor restroom. They have heat and air conditioning, making them the perfect choice all year round. They also have flooring, lighting, flushing toilets and sinks. These factors make the restrooms welcoming both day and night and keep your guests or workers in perfect comfort, no matter the season.


Comfort and capacity go hand in hand. If there is not enough space in the waste storage tank, the quality of the restroom will deteriorate quickly. The main benefit to the trailer is the large storage capacity. A two-stall trailer can accommodate up to 150 people per event. It can also accommodate up to 40 people per five-day work week.  Please remember that these numbers are not definite. The usage will still depend on how conservative people are with water and toilet paper, along with the length and type of event. If you are hosting a large event or your site is quite busy, there is always the option to schedule additional cleanings or units.


This section applies to the construction side of things. The Ministry of Labor has many regulations regarding worksites. Portable restrooms are included in these regulations. According to the Ministry of Labor, worksites are required (whenever possible) to have restrooms with a flushing mechanism, water for hand washing and heat for the winter. Restroom trailers meet all these requirements with ease and elegance.

Interior view of rental restroom trailer



Hydro, depending on your location, can be hard to come by. Despite this, it is necessary for the trailer to function properly. The hydro runs the entire system including the pumps and the water supply. If the hydro is turned off it can lead to several misfunctions. During the winter it is especially crucial. If the hydro is removed all the lines will freeze and cause extensive damage. This damage will need to be covered by the renter, as it is the renter’s responsibility to keep the ongoing hydro.

 The trailer requires two 15–20-amp power supplies on two different breakers. The plugs are the standard 120v, with two prongs and a ground.

Exterior view of restroom rental trailer


 After the hydro has been established, the location depends on where it can fit as well as where it can be easily serviced. The length of the trailer ranges from 15ft to 30ft, depending on the number of stalls included. The trailer is also quite high, and the air conditioning vent can easily get caught on low hanging branches.

 When choosing the placement, it is important to remember that the trailer must be kept level. This will maximize the water and tank usage.  The truck and trailer are also quite heavy and will leave ruts in the soil.


The doors to the restroom open on the passenger side of the delivery truck. This is a significant detail to remember, especially when considering if the delivery will need to be backed in or can be turned around in the driveway.  

It is good practice to have the trailer visible. That way the guests or the site workers will have no doubts about the location of the facilities.


Hopefully, this information has helped dispel some doubts or concerns regarding restroom trailers and shown what a wonderful upgrade that they can be. Our knowledgeable staff have solved many issues and worked through many complicated situations. No matter what your needs are, a restroom trailer would be a welcome addition.

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June 17, 2024

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